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Historic Church of the Angels Vandalized!

18 Feb

The church of the Angels was broken into, vandalized, then set on fire in the early morning hours of Saturday Jan. 13th. A few people who were out walking saw smoke and called 911. Los Angeles Fire and Pasadena Fire Departments quickly extinguished the fire. Minimal damage to the structure occurred, however, several sacred pieces […]

Level 1 Water Shortage Plan

7 Jan

Pasadena Watering Schedule Level 1 Water Shortage Plan – What it Means Ongoing conservation is essential. Please do your part to conserve and water your landscape only as needed. Under a Level 1 Water Supply Shortage Plan, the following instances of water waste are prohibited: Outdoor watering is limited to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in the […]

New Water Rates Coming?

19 Sep

PASADENA WATER RATE REDESIGN AND ADJUSTMENTS PWP wants to update you on two important water rate-related changes we are proposing:  New water rate structure – how we charge for water  Adjustments to our water rate – the prices we charge  As a valued customer, your input on these two items is essential. A public hearing is scheduled for September 25, […]