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San Rafael Area: Zoning Changes?

29 Nov

CHANGES CITY OF PASADENA SAN RAFAEL AREA ZONING CHANGES Mansionization and View Impacts SPECIAL MEETING TOMORROW EVENING   ******************************* Planning Commission Wednesday November 30, 2016 6:30 pm City Council Chambers 100 N. Garfield Ave., Room S249 Pasadena, CA  91101  ******************************* View City Zoning Map – San Rafael Area HD Overlay Zoning Map Review Wednesday’s Agenda […]

710 Tunnel: “The Dark Backward?”

21 May

710 Tunnel: “The Dark Backward?”  You may have read in Pasadena NOW and in the Star-News this week that Mayor Tornek plans to seek council support and ask Pasadena voters to repeal Measure A, the 2001 initiative requiring the city to “be in favor” of the 710 extension (tunnel). Such repeal would allow […]

Music Festival Meetings

22 May

NOTICE OF SCOPING MEETINGS PROPOSAL TO INCREASE DISPLACEMENT EVENTS FOR: ROSE BOWL MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL A proposed music festival consisting of up to four music stages; a theatre performance stage; art displays; carnival rides; concession stands for merchandise sales, food, and drink; and cultural programming representative of Pasadena and the local environs. It is anticipated that […]