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A few people can change a lot in a community

21 Jan

The radical community organizer Saul Alinsky, whose insights are used today as much by those on the right as on the left, once wrote: “If people don’t think they have the power to solve their problems, they won’t even think about how to solve them.” At a time when apathy and defeatism seem so rampant, […]

Local Neighborhood Assns Sue the City of Pasadena over NFL use of Rose Bowl

4 Jan

On January 3rd, the Coalition for Preservation of the Arroyo, a newly–‐formed public  interest group, joined by the East Arroyo Neighborhood Protection Committee, the Linda-‐Vista Annandale Association, and the San Rafael Neighborhoods Association, sued  Pasadena in Los Angeles Superior Court on environmental grounds.  The case number is BS141038. The lawsuit contends that Pasadena violated the […]

Neighbors Plan to fight the NFL

28 Nov

Neighbors plan to fight NFL approval Council voted to raise cap on large events at the Rose Bowl to temporarily host a pro football team. Pasadena residents who live near the Rose Bowl were on hand during Monday’s… (Photo by Mike Mullen ) November 24, 2012|By Joe Piasecki, As city officials move ahead with […]