Avenue 64 Complete Streets

13 Apr

Avenue 64 Complete Streets Update Funding Secured – Construction Tentatively Scheduled to begin in January 2024
At the recent San Rafael Neighborhood Association (SRNA) Board meeting the Department of Transportation provided an update on the Avenue 64 Complete Streets Project. The project was originally initiated in 2013 with the intent to calm traffic and improve pedestrian accessibility along Avenue 64.

The project includes the installation of a traffic circle on Avenue 64 and Burleigh Drive. This is close to the border between the cities of Pasadena and Los Angeles. The project will also install traffic calming bulb outs (curb extensions) on Avenue 64 at the intersections of Cheviotdale Drive and Glenullen Drive. Pavers will also be installed on limited sections of the center divider lane.

The City of Pasadena recently announced that funding for the project has been secured and construction is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2024. The improvements at Glenullen Drive will commence at a later date. Avenue 64 is a critical corridor for first responders necessitating that the work is initiated during the lower fire risk rainy season. 

Construction will begin in January 2024 and be completed by April 2024. Burleigh Drive will be closed, with resident access only, during much of the construction. The SRNA Board was pleased to hear that the City of Pasadena has secured funding and is prepared to initiate work in early 2024. SRNA believes that his project will provide at least three important benefits to the neighborhood. 

The project will provide a traffic calming benefit for Avenue 64 and the surrounding neighborhood.The project will improve pedestrian accessibility allowing residents to more safely cross Avenue 64 at Glenullen Drive, Cheviotdale Drive and along the traffic circle at Burleigh Drive. The project includes elements that will improve the aesthetics of Avenue 64. The traffic circle will incorporate new landscaping, bulb outs and road pavers. The overall effect of these changes will reduce the amount of asphalt and enhance the aesthetics of the area. The installation of the bulb outs and median divider pavers near Cheviotdale Drive and Glenullen Drive will also reduce the amount of asphalt on Avenue 64 and should provide similar aesthetic improvements.

SRNA looks forward to completion of this project in 2024. The SRNA board also requests that the City of Pasadena consider two additional changes to Avenue 64 as part of this project or a future project.
The project includes the installation of pavers along the median divider in limited sections near Cheviotdale Drive and Glenullen Drive. SRNA requests that the City of Pasadena consider expanding the installation of median divider pavers along the Avenue 64 corridor. The increased installation of median divider pavers would serve as an additional traffic calming mechanism, reduce the amount of asphalt and improve the overall aesthetics of the road.The SRNA board also requests that the City of Pasadena consider a complementary design installation at the Avenue 64 and Melrose Y intersection to improve the aesthetics of this visually challenged area. This would provide a consistent visual look to the Avenue 64 corridor starting at the entrance to Pasadena near Burleigh Drive and continuing through to Colorado Boulevard. 
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