City Bans Gasoline Leaf Blowers

23 Mar

Commencing April 28, 2023 use of gas-powered leaf blowers will be banned in the City of Pasadena. The use of electric-powered leaf blowers can continue subject to restricted hours of:

8AM-6PM, Monday – Friday

9AM-5PM on Saturdays

Prohibited all day on Sunday

Equipment Exchange Discounts of up to 75% for Small Businesses and Sole Proprietor Landscapers

Technology for electric-powered leaf blowers has advanced substantially, some of these units more powerful than gas-powered units and can provide over an hour of use without a charge. There are currently two programs which offer discounts to small businesses and sole proprietor landscapers for exchanging gas-powered leaf blowers for electric leaf blowers:

For Questions or to Report Violations

For additional information on the gas-powered leaf blower ban, please call Code Compliance at (626) 744-8633.

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