Colorado Bridge Fencing Update

15 Aug

In addition to its iconic status as a symbol of Pasadena, the Colorado Street Bridge is a critical gateway for vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians between our San Rafael Neighborhoods and Pasadena. The aesthetics of the bridge and the ability for pedestrians to easily and safely traverse the bridge has been impaired since the installation of “temporary” fencing in 2017.

A brief history of the situation, in July 2017, “temporary” 10-foot fencing was installed at the alcoves along the bridge due to a concerning number of incidents. In September 2018, the “temporary” 10-foot fencing was extended to the entire length of the bridge. Shortly thereafter, the City of Pasadena initiated a project to develop a new fence design for the bridge that would preserve the historic features while addressing important safety concerns and first responder access requirements. In 2021, three mock-up designs options were installed on bridge for feedback. No consensus was developed on the options. Subsequently a decision was made by the City of Pasadena to continue development of additional designs in collaboration with Pasadena Heritage and a new design consultant.

The Department of Public Works provided the SRNA board with an update on the Colorado Street Bridge Fencing project during the July board meeting. The board was informed that a new design consultant, Apexx Architecture, has been hired and design workshops with project stakeholders are ongoing. The board was also informed that preliminary design concepts will be shared with the community in the fall. Subsequently the Department of Public Works anticipates further refining the concepts and presenting a preferred barrier design with the City Council Public Safety Committe for approval in early 2024.

You can view the full presentation that the Department of Public Works shared with the SRNA board by clicking on this link: SRNA Board Colorado Street Bridge Update

The SRNA Board appreciates the complexity of issues the City of Pasadena needs to balance as they develop a new fence design for our iconic Colorado Street Bridge. However, this project has been ongoing, and the bridge has been covered with a “temporary” chain-link fence for six years.
The SRNA Board believes it is imperative that the City of Pasadena adhere to the new project timelines and resolve the “temporary” fencing situation in a timely manner with the installation of a new fence that respects the iconic design of the bridge while addressing the important safety concerns and first responder requirements.

The “temporary” fencing has impaired the aesthetics of the bridge as well as the ability for pedestrians to easily and safely traverse the bridge for six years. The installation of a new fence and the removal of the “temporary” chain-link fencing is a top priority for the San Rafael Neighborhoods Association. The board will continue to monitor this project and advocate for accelerated completion with the City of Pasadena so we can once again easily and safely enjoy this iconic bridge.

You can find more information about the Colorado Street Fencing Project at the Department of Public Works website by visiting: Dept of Public Works Colorado Street Bridge Website

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