16 Nov

Glendora mayor, the Honorable Judy Nelson, keynote speaker for San Rafael Neighborhoods Association (SRNA) annual meeting November 5th, detailed challenges now faced by foothill cities as a result of recent executive action creating the “San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.”

Mayor Nelson, invited by SRNA due to parallel efforts by both congressional representatives of the San Gabriel Valley to re-designate land and resources now under local control as “national recreation areas” (Chu: San Gabriel Mountains plan; Schiff: Rim of the Valley plan), focused on resulting uncertainties to county and city-managed water infrastructure due to the recent proclamation.

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Chu’s fast-tracked action by executive order potentially grants monument control over 80-85% of Glendora’s drinking water, ultimately to be decided after three years of formative meetings by a small, yet-to-be-formed-or-named, continuous (“forever”) committee of  “stakeholders.”  No governing rules, premises or goals for this “forever” committee exist.

Relegated to the sidelines by federal arm-twisting, foothill city leadership now is scrambling to secure position with this undefined committee so as to try to have a voice in meeting the water needs and access rights of local constituencies.

The City of Pasadena is vulnerable to similar actions.  Rim of the Valley National Recreation Area, endorsed by Adam Schiff, extends to Magic Mountain and includes The Arroyo, the San Rafael Hills and the Raymond Basin.  The Raymond Basin reportedly accounts for 15% of Pasadena water supplies.

See map:

KCET Rim of the Valley

Long-time plans by Pasadena Water and Power to expand spreading grounds in the Raymond Basin are intended to increase local water supply ($150/acre foot, est) and relieve high costs associated with buying water from MWD ($900/acre foot, est).  Abandonment of this plan would mean dramatically higher water costs and greater water restrictions for those living in the City of Pasadena.


With a shortage of water and the risk of a federal taking of water sources, Pasadena residents must focus an abundance of human attention on the present skirmish over land and resources.

Please let city council and city staff know “you know” what is going on.  Let them know you expect candor regarding federal arm-twisting, i.e., withholding of federal funds for specific projects/jobs in turn for acquiescence without information and local debate.  The long-term future of the “City of Gardensdepends upon your attention and personal participation in this serious matter. *****


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