SRNA Promotes A Positive Community

23 Jun

The San Rafael Neighborhoods Association (SRNA) was invited to help feed the hungry at the Pasadena Hot Meals Program at Jackie Robinson Community Center in Northwest Pasadena recently. SRNA Vice President (East)-Robin Salzer, owner of Robin’s Wood Fire Barbeque restaurant in Pasadena, is a founder of the Pasadena Hot Meals Program and has been affiliated with the program for many years.   Pastor Thomas Bereal from Abounding Grace Ministries was also present.Approximately 140 persons were served a dinner of salad, shrimp, mixed vegetables, macaroni and cheese, as well as desert.  Attendees were extremely grateful for the donated food and for the volunteerism in Northwest Pasadena.  One attendee spoke of the need for persons in West and Southwest Pasadena to become more actively engaged with residents of Northwest Pasadena.

Another Hot Meals Program attendee mentioned the importance of  “…nearsight, insight, and foresight…” in living a meaningful life.   Here’s what he meant:  Near sight…look around at the situation closest to you.  Are you fully present and connected with your community?   Insight…have you examined your own views on the glaring socioeconomic divide in Pasadena?  Foresight—what can you as an individual and as a community do to promote social justice and lessen the disparities between persons?

In addition to improving the quality of life for West Pasadena, SRNA works to break down barriers throughout all areas of Pasadena through programs such as the Pasadena Hot Meals program.  A neighborhood organization is much more than a group concerned solely with issues in its immediate vicinity or social gatherings.  Instead, we recognize the importance of working with people, speaking truth to power, calling attention to inequities, and promoting a vibrant community.  We promote positive change.


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