Wayfinding Sign Program

28 Apr


Local residents continue to comment on the ever-increasing load of signage found on city streets, showing special vehemence for those currently popping up in residential neighborhoods.

Described by critics as “visual pollution,” a March 20th press release from the city manager’s office explains 378 new way-finding signs will be installed over the next few months at a cost of

$2.2 million (Metro and city) “to lead the traveling public into – and around – distinct parts of the City . . .”

A growing number of Pasadeneans are questioning the value of communicating to the “traveling public” via signage in neighborhoods, and they’re wondering about the origin of the project, and the process used to fund, site, and approve it.

Given the degree of public push-back, the City Planning Commission requested this matter be agendized as soon as possible for commission review.

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