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11 Apr

PFD – Hazardous Vegetation Inspection Form

On April 3, 2013 a Special Presentation by Pasadena Fire Chief Calvin Wells and Deputy Fire Marshall Tony Bagan was conducted at SRNA’s General Meeting. Information concerning the upcoming property inspections and the hazardous vegetation ordinance were discussed with numerous Q&A from the public that attended. See the SRNA April/May Newsletter coming soon for more information.

Chief Wells & Fire Marshall Bagan agreed to post the inspection form to be used on the city’s dept website. You can print the form and check your property yourself. Click the link above, or below, to view and print the form. Also, please see the Fire Map with streets included in the VERY HIGH FIRE HAZARD ZONE at this website.

Form at City’s site: Scroll down to Hazardous Vegetation Notice.

Fire Dept. personnel will leave a card after an inspection has occurred if no corrections are needed. The card looks like this;

If corrections are required, a copy of the form will be left at the property. Residents can contact the Fire Dept. @ 626) 744-4655 with any questions.

Keep these “Tips” in mind while using the form;

  • Remove all dead trees and keep grasses and weeds mowed within 200 feet of any structure, 10 feet of any combustible fence and 10 feet of any street, alley or driveway, whether publicly or privately owned.
  • All trees within 30 feet of any structure or within 10 feet of any street, alley or driveway, whether publicly or privately owned shall be kept free of combustible ground cover, twigs and braches within 3 feet of the ground. Living evergreen trees are excluded.
  • All trees and shrubs shall be kept free of dead foliage.
  • No vegetation shall be located within 10 feet of any chimney opening, (chimney spark arrester) whether or not the fireplace is in use.
  • The roofs of all structures shall be kept free of twigs, needles, eaves and other combustible foreign matter.
  • A vertical clearance of 5 feet shall be maintained between the roof of any structure and any surrounding foliage/Trees.
  • No flammable vegetation will be permitted to cling or be attached. Pasadena Municipal Code Sec. 14.29.040
  • No vegetation shall be permitted to grow over any street or alley less than a height of 13.5 feet from the edge of the street or alley. Pasadena Municipal Code Sec. 14.29.040
  • All address numbers shall be no less than 4 inches high and 2 inches wide and will not be hidden from view by trees, bushed or shrubs. Pasadena Municipal Code Sec. 14.20.040
  • It is unlawful for any person to maintain property in such a manner that the following conditions exist: The accumulation of litter, salvage materials, discarded furniture, the storage of dismantled non-operational vehicles and nuisances that are dangerous to children.  Pasadena Municipal Code Sec. 14.50.040
  • Street numbers, abandoned vehicles and discarded junk are common problems found when conducting brush surveys.

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