“Long 710 fight is effectively over . . .”

3 Dec

A BIG THANKS to the many San Rafael neighbors who activated in 2012 to

oppose the Caltrans 710 route down Avenue 64, joining with the San Rafael Neighborhoods Association (SRNA) and prevailing against the odds. It was early June 2012 when SRNA learned from a little-noticed Saturday morning Caltrans meeting at the Rose Bowl that Avenue 64 has been added as an alternative route for consideration in the 710 extension EIR process.

SRNA board members viewed the added alternative as an imminent threat to SW Pasadena neighborhoods and developed a strategy for activation and information.

SRNA’s rally at Church of the Angels (August 22, 2012) drew 500 neighbors, an impressive list of knowledgeable 710 speakers and long-time activists – and the attention of Caltrans.

New alliances were forged in the effort – with the NO 710 Action Committee, and Highland Park, Garvanza, Eagle Rock, South Pasadena and El Sereno. Volunteer contributions were too numerous to adequately credit – and finally Caltrans withdrew the route!

Ron Kay, Editor (Ret.) Los Angeles Daily News, wrote at the time: “It was a triumph of citizen activism . . . the first test of strength for members of a brand-new community group that sprung to life this summer after word got out that their lovely West Pasadena community was the target of a possible 710 extension.”

So, thank you neighbors!

Together we have saved our “lovely West Pasadena community.” 

We may have to do so again, in yet another form and format. If we do, we look forward to working with you!

For more information see: www.n0710.com

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