Metro’s Proposed Measure

23 Jan

Background:  The language in Metro’s new Measure R2, slated to be on the November ballot, may include, along with transit programs, further funding for the 710 tunnel. The former transit proposal: Measure J, lost because of anti-710 voters in our area.

The Metro Board does not understand we are serious about our opposition to the tunnel debacle. Public opposition is the answer to assure that any new TAX is for 21st solutions which do not include more concrete freeways for more cars and trucks.

How you can help:  We need as many No 710 people as possible to attend next Thursday’s Metro Board Meeting to help send our message to the Metro Board that the 710 tunnels MUST be removed from all documents and consideration or we will actively work against Measure R2, which will be on the November ballot.  Come and speak for one minute or support those that will speak.

The next METRO Board Meeting is:

Thursday, January 28th

at 9 a.m

at Metro Headquarters (behind Union Station)

We will all meet outside the Metro Board meeting room before 9am on the 3rd floor.

Directions:  See this link for directions to the Metro Headquarters Building:

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