Proposed Development **Please comment**

2 Apr

***Neighborhood Alert ***

Proposed development at the corner of Melrose and Colorado.

1388 W. Colorado Blvd

Per Taka Suzuki: The owner has two options to build: 1). On the corner where the grassy area would be lost and, 2). At the proposed area directly behind the old building.  #2 will require a variance for “no parking.”  Staff will likely support the variance for #2 in order to preserve the grassy area.

There are easements under the grassy area which limits building there per the planning department.

It’s very important that everyone who supports saving the grassy area to send in messages about preserving the grassy corner. There are expectations that patrons of nearby businesses will send in messages asking the City to deny the parking variance. Denial of the variance will probably mean that the owner will build at the corner as he is permitted to do.

Send comments to Jennifer Paige at, or by Tuesday, April 6th.

City Contact Person: Jason Van Patten
Phone: (626) 744-6760

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