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PWP New Water Rules

10 Sep

PWP has moved to a Level 2 Water Supply Shortage Plan effective Aug 16 In Pasadena, the following instances of water waste are prohibited: Outdoor watering is limited to the following schedule for: Summer (April 1 – October 31): Even-numbered addresses may water on Mondays and Thursdays and odd-numbered addresses may water on Tuesdays and Fridays (effective […]

Water Schedule

29 May

For Spring and Summer: Outdoor watering is now limited to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in the spring/summer April 1- October 31.

Burglary Suspects Arrested!

15 Apr

Cheers and Thanks to the Pasadena Police Department, Detectives, staff and other police agencies!! One man and two women from New Jersey were arrested in connection with a string of burglaries in Pasadena, Los Angeles and Monterey Park where they posed as construction workers to gain access to victims’ houses, authorities announced Tuesday, April 13. Pasadena Police […]