School and La Loma Bridge Updates

30 May




The current program at San Rafael Elementary School (SRES) is scheduled to move to the Allendale Elementary School site adjacent to the Blair Complex in July of 2017. The PUSD Board of Education approved the move November 7, 2013 and allocated approximately $4 million in Measure TT funds for modernization of Allendale.

With planned vacancy at San Rafael, the Board adhered to State statute by appointing a 7-11 Advisory Committee charged with determining the “limits of tolerance of the community” for re-use of the vacated site.

In January 2014 the Advisory Committee held the first of eight (8) public meetings, concluding its work during the May 28th meeting.

The final report from the Advisory Committee is scheduled for presentation to the Board of Education on Thursday June 26th.

Input from neighbors throughout this process has been invaluable.

Thanks to all who participated and to the volunteers who served on the Advisory Committee!




 Due to delays by Caltrans, the closure of the La Loma Bridge will

be delayed until the Spring of 2015. City officials are expecting approval later this year and calls for bids for construction by the end of the year. Construction is expected to conclude in the Fall of 2016.

SRNA is thankful for the many suggestions made by neighbors during the Association’s February meeting. These suggestions were presented at the Pasadena Transportation Advisory Commission (TAC) in May and submitted to city officials. SRNA will continue to work with the city and staff on a final traffic mitigation plan as the actual construction start is finalized.

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