Historic Church of the Angels Vandalized!

18 Feb

The church of the Angels was broken into, vandalized, then set on fire in the early morning hours of Saturday Jan. 13th. A few people who were out walking saw smoke and called 911. Los Angeles Fire and Pasadena Fire Departments quickly extinguished the fire. Minimal damage to the structure occurred, however, several sacred pieces were destroyed. “The damage could have been catastrophic said Fr. Robert Gaestel.”.

Parishioners and concerned neighbors arrived later in the day and helped clean up the damage. As a result, church services were held as usual on Sunday.

Fr. Gaestel and the congregation are very grateful to the community for the outpouring of money and support of the Church of the Angels.

Arson was suspected. The case was turned over to the LAPD Inter-Agency House of Worship Task Force. On Jan. 27th Christian Michael Garcia was arrested after a second church in Boyle Heights was set on fire.

For more information on the historic church: www.coa-pasadena.org/history


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