New Classification for Neighborhood Streets

24 Mar

City Council unanimously approved (2/25/19) a recommendation by staff to submit a “functional reclassification change” request to the CA Department of Transportation for certain city streets, including some in our SRNA neighborhoods:

  • San Miguel Rd. from Colorado Blvd. to Hermosa Rd.
  • Hermosa Rd. from San Miguel Rd. to Laguna Rd.
  • Laguna Rd. from Hermosa Rd. to Arroyo Blvd.

The change would reclassify the above streets from “collector” to “local” and relieve the city (and neighbors) of costly traffic/engineering studies before addressing safety issues.

Posted speed limits for “local” streets in residential/business districts are statutorily set by CA Vehicle Code at 25 mph. A “local” designation would allow the City to work immediately with residents to address traffic/speed issues through various engineering treatments and enforcement policies.

Given the level of traffic generated from San Rafael Elementary School and the length of Laguna Rd., SRNA views the new classification of these streets as a much needed enhancement and valuable tool for the ongoing safety of both neighborhood and school.

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