San Rafael Elementary Funding

16 Aug

SRES Measure O Funding – SRNA Board Expresses Support to Fully Fund Renovation and Modernization of the school.
Over the next several months the Pasadena Unified School District Board of Education will determine how to allocate over $500 million of Measure O Bond money that Pasadena voters approved in 2020 to upgrade schools including renovating classrooms, access to technology, creating science labs and repairing facilities, roofs and equipment. While this bond money will lead to much needed and long overdue improvements to school facilities, how the funds are allocated will determine the future of the Pasadena school system.

The PUSD Board of Education will have a special meeting to determine the criteria for allocating the Measure 0 monies on Thursday August 17 at 6:30. You can access details about the meeting by clicking here: PUSD Board of Education August 17 Meeting.

It is anticipated that the Board will vote on the allocation priorities during either the August 24 or September 7 meeting. Details on these and all PUSD Board of Education meetings can found here: PUSD Boad of Education Meeting Schedule

PUSD currently encompasses 23 campuses with enrollment declining from 24,000 to approximately 15,000 students over the last 20 years. This downward enrollment trend is expected to continue for at least the near future. Given this backdrop the Board of Education members, including our local District 7 representative Dr. Yarma Velázquez, are in the unenvious position of being tasked with making a complicated decision, necessitating significant tradeoffs that will impact Pasadena children, school facilities and neighborhoods for many years.

The San Rafael Neighborhoods Association would like to express our support to fully fund the renovation of the San Rafael Elementary School facility and ground with Measure 0 bond proceeds.
With the closure of Linda Vista Elementary and Roosevelt Elementary over the last twenty years, San Rafael Elementary is the only remaining elementary school servicing the West Pasadena area. Maintaining a modern elementary school in West Pasadena is essential. It is not viable or reasonable to create a public elementary school desert in West Pasadena.

Over the years the San Rafael Elementary School has experienced mixed levels of success and support. However, since becoming a dual-language immersion school in 2009 San Rafael Elementary’s reputation for academic excellence has improved and enrollment has seen steady improvement. This academic improvement has occurred despite the lack of a modern educational environment for the children and the poor condition of the facility and campus.

Unfortunately, but somewhat understandably, the investments needed to maintain and modernize the building and campus have been continually delayed, deferred and reallocated to other campuses. As a result, the overall condition of the school building and campus has continued to deteriorate.

The San Rafael Neighborhoods Association believes the PUSD Board of Education should fully fund the renovation and modernization of the San Rafael Elementary School and campus with Measure 0 bond funds.

It is essential that a public elementary school continue to operate in West Pasadena
The history of underinvestment in San Rafael Elementary necessitates and supports a fully funded renovation and modernization to “catch up” for historical underinvestment and position the school for continued success.

Most importantly, the current condition of the facility and campus is an unacceptable learning environment for children attending school in our community in the 21st century. The children of West Pasadena and San Rafael Elementary deserve the benefits of a modern learning environment that they are currently being deprived of.

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