Join in Challenging the NFL in the Rose Bowl EIR

2 Feb

Join Us in Challenging the NFL in the Rose Bowl

Environmental Impact Report (EIR)!

SRNA is fighting to protect our neighborhoods again!  We believe our neighborhoods will be adversely affected by the recently amended Arroyo Seco Public Lands Ordinance.

Recently, the Pasadena City Council amended this ordinance which would allow use of the Rose Bowl for up to 25 major events per year.  This action could enable an NFL team to play at the Rose Bowl!

As a result, SRNA has joined other community associations, the Linda Vista- Annandale Association and the East Arroyo Neighborhood Preservation Committee, to file a suit against the City of Pasadena to challenge this issue on environmental grounds.  The suit asserts that Pasadena illegally amended the Municipal Code to allow expanded use of the Rose Bowl for a possible NFL team; violated local and state laws to enable a possible NFL team to use the Rose Bowl for up to 5 years; and illegally certified the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for these actions.  Significantly, the EIR failed to identify and the City failed to adopt performance-based, enforceable mitigations for the possibility of NFL football in the Rose Bowl

Why is the possibility of an NFL team at the Rose Bowl which a threat to our neighborhoods?

Here are the reasons:

  • Congested streets in the San Rafael Neighborhoods including west Colorado Blvd and Avenue 64 making travel for neighbors more difficult.
  •  The likelihood of declining property values due to thousands of people, specifically NFL fans, descending in the area on numerous occasions.
  • Excessive numbers of cars parked on feeder streets on NFL game days.
  • Loss of the central Arroyo on weekends where UCLA might play on Saturday and the NFL on the next day on Sunday on repeated weekends.
  • Insufficient police and fire protection for our neighborhoods as these resources will be diverted to the NFL games.  This is especially true given the closure of Fire Station 39.
  • Increase in crime rates
  • Littered streets and huge amounts of trash in the Arroyo
  • Potential NFL fans driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Turning the Arroyo into a commercial center
  • Disrupting Rose Bowl area and Central Arroyo for neighborhood use such as walking, running, swimming, tennis, hiking, and soccer.
  • Denying access to the Central Arroyo for recreational use for days, weeks and months.

We need your help!

Please contribute to this important effort to preserve our neighborhoods!

Say YES to the San Rafael Neighborhoods!

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