Alhambra City Promotes The Tunnel!

11 Jul


The City of Alhambra is promoting the tunnel! The city held a “Close the Gap – 710 Day” to promote its support for the tunnel. However, residents were surprised to learn from No710 groups about trucks from the ports using it, and they were very surprised, for the first time, to hear about tolls. No710 supporters from numerous cities attended the event to get all the relevant information out. Photo: No710 supporters @ 7/4 event. By J. Cano w/ permission.

CBS KNX1070 reports; ALHAMBRA (KNX 1070) — Alhambra city officials held their “710 Day” celebration in the San Gabriel Valley Wednesday in a bid to rally residents behind a plan to extend the 710 Freeway to Pasadena. Interim City Manager of Alhambra, Mary Swank, says the latest step in the 50-year plus battle is an 18-month environmental review to put a tunnel through Valley St., which she hopes will help to alleviate heavy traffic on the 710.

“It’s July 10, and today we’re just making it clear it’s time to clean up the 710 Freeway,” Swank told KNX1070′s Megan Goldsby. We have over 50,000 cars a day come through this street that should be on a freeway,” she said. Live music, face painting and balloons reading “Close the Gap 710” shut down part of Fremont St. in Alhambra. Swank estimated 2,000 people came to 710 Day.

John Shaffer, of the San Rafael Neighborhood Association (SRNA) in Pasadena, said the proposal may have made sense in the Sixties.

“It doesn’t make sense at all when we’re transitioning from a car society to a transit society,” he said.

“The reality is that it actually puts more cars on the San Bernardino Freeway and makes conditions around Alhambra even worse.” His group is pushing for more money to be spent on public transit instead.

SRNA represents a wide area of residents, works with adjoining communities, and is dedicated to the preservation of the neighborhoods. The 710 tunnel is contrary to those goals.

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