City Council Votes NO on 710 Extension Proposals

14 Aug

Last night the Pasadena City Council unanimously adopted a resolution opposing any further consideration by Metro of three proposed SR-710 extension alternatives: H-2 (Avenue 64/Colorado highway), F-5 (tunnel freeway surfacing through San Rafael neighborhood), and H-6 (Huntington Drive and Fair Oaks highway).




The City Council will send a letter to Metro voicing their opposition, and will also send a representative to Metro’s next Board meeting to express the City’s position. We applaud the City Council’s actions.  Please thank them for listening and taking such serious actions.  While this resolution did not address two other 710 freeway proposals cutting through the South Orange Grove area of Pasadena, this is a solid first step.




We must continue our efforts, and now take our fight to the real decision-makers – Metro and its “hired gun” contractor CH2M-Hill, which is being paid more than $37 million of our tax dollars to study building a freeway through our neighborhood.




  • Continue writing to Metro letting them know of your opposition to these proposed 710 freeway and highway alternatives (e-mail either:  or; you may specify the H-2 and F-5 which go through our neighborhoods, or you may say (as we have) that you oppose ALL 710 freeway and highway alternatives through any neighborhood.


  •  Attend the SRNA special meeting on Wednesday, August 22 at 6:30 p.m. at the Church of the Angels, 1100 Avenue 64, to learn about next steps in this fight and to sign up to help.


  • Save the date to attend Metro’s next Board meeting September 27 in the morning (time to be announced).  We need to be at the Metro Board meeting in force to educate them.


  •  Attend one of Metro’s next open houses on SR-710 routes.
    1.  Thurs. October 18 at 6 pm,  El Sereno Senior Center, 4818 Klamath Pl, Los Angeles
    2. Sat. October 20 at 10 am, Maranatha High School, 169 South Saint John Ave., Pasadena


Metro has delayed making a final selection of routes to include in its EIR/EIS until the end of October, so these meetings will be the last chance to impact that decision.

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