Rose Bowl Proposed Family Golf Project

13 Apr

Rose Bowl Family Golf Project UpdateSRNA Board Expresses Support
At a recent San Rafael Neighborhoods Association (SRNA) Board meeting, Jens Weiden, President Rose Operating Company, Brandon Fox Director of Golf Operations and Deden Brozino, President Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation provided an update on the Rose Bowl Family Golf Project.  There is no final design of the project at this stage. The Rose Bowl Operating Committee (RBOC) is undertaking an environmental review of the Family Golf Project and anticipates it will soon return to the RBOC Board for consideration and adoption.

The RBOC is proposing to expand the driving range and construct a new miniature golf facility within the existing driving range area at the Brookside Golf Course. Project improvements would occur on 16 acres within the existing driving range and portions of three course holes, Hole 10 of C.W. Koiner Course and Holes 6 and 7 of the E.O. Nay Course. The E.O. Nay Course would reduce from a par-70 to a par-69, however, it would remain a championship layout and reduce pace of play by five minutes.
The driving range would reorient towards the north and expand from 20 to 60 bays. “Toptracer” technology, which provides instant shot replays and statistical feedback, would be installed within the driving range to enhance the golfer experience. The proposed driving range would include 56 poles, including 30 existing poles to remain and 36 new poles to be installed. The poles would support new netting and an estimated 14 of the 56 poles would be light mounted at 60 feet in height. LED lighting would be adjustable to ensure proper direction and avoidance of light leakage into the surrounding neighborhoods. It is anticipated that construction of the driving range would take eight months.
The miniature golf will be unlike traditional miniature golf courses and will have a realistic look that incorporates an arrangement of pathways and landscape elements. The project would add 36 holes of family-friendly miniature golf on approximately one acre of land. Examples with pictures of similar miniature golf courses are included in the attached presentation that was shared with the SRNA board. Construction of the miniature golf course would commence once the driving range project is complete and is expected to take approximately four months.

While final plans are still in development the SRNA Board is supportive of the Family Golf Project. The Board believes the project will provide several key benefits:The project will provide additional family friendly activities that promote an active and healthy lifestyle that residents of the San Rafael Neighborhoods can enjoy in the Arroyo Secco.The project is consistent with the current golf course use and is contained within existing developed area of the Arroyo Seco.The project will provide much needed support to the RBOC financials which is essential to their long-term stability.
The SRNA Board recommends that the RBOC evaluates opportunities to further enhance the Family Golf value proposition for Pasadena families and residents. This could be reflected in special resident pricing, collaboration with Pasadena Unified Schools, an expanded partnership with the Pasadena First Tee Program or other opportunities that the RBOC identifies that would strengthen the Family Golf Program’s connection with the Pasadena community.

The project is in the early planning phase and the SRNA Board recognizes the need to monitor progress. As it goes forward it will be incumbent upon the RBOC to ensure that they are in compliance with all environmental, city and state regulations including minimizing light leakage and handling protected tree removal or relocation consistent with the city’s tree protection ordinance. We are confident that the RBOC Leadership team understands and is committed to ensuring the project is in compliance with these rules and regulations as it moves forward.

Attachment: Family Golf Project Presentation

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